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Pixyrs Softech is an IT and software consulting or solution providing company for next invention business cooperate with each other throughout the globe. With complete system across various industries and businesses, we do work dedicatedly over the client's project to revolve them into some most winning and high performance companies. Sharpen limits through improvement and nonstop learning, all these things turns it into the most talented brand since 2016. At Pixyrs Softech, achievement is guaranteed backed with our hard work, outcomes, customer satisfaction approach and prepared team effort.

Fully Encrypted

Extra security

We maintain two-factor verification, continuously virus scans, and automatically disallow IP that have more than 5 failed login in a time.

Fully Encrypted

Automatic backups

Nothing is always 100% hack-proofs. We mechanically create 2 weeks’ value of backups, sense a hacked site can be immediately rolled back.

Fully Encrypted

Hack fix guarantee

We have secure firewalls, and proactive security, and other aspects to prevent your data. If your website is cooperation, we’ll secure it free.

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