Fin-Fired is a comprehensive banking and loan management system built on a cloud platform that helps you manage your hundreds of customers on a single platform. This solution has been developed by Engineers with the help of Banking & Finance professionals. This has allowed us to stay updated with the ever evolving market challenges and incorporate the essential neccessities into our solution. Given our years of expertise in this domain, we have been able to perfect the science of crafting a solution that has revolutionized the private finance industry.

By combining the latest technologies with our knowledge of this domain in a modular fashion, we are offering a solution that can be easily and completely customized according to your needs.

Extra security

By implementing two-factor verification and continuous system security scans, the system automatically disallows an IP that has more than 5 successive failed login attempts.

Automatic backups

Your data is of utmost importance and we understand this by creating 2 weeks’ worth of backup so that your system can be rolled back in event of a server crash or faliure.

Hack fix guarantee

We have implemented secure firewalls and proactive security measures to safeguard your data. If your system data is compromized, we will refund the amount of the solution.

Why Fin-Fired by Pixyrs Softech?

Here are some of our amazing milestones that we have crossed while on the way to becoming a successful organization.